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What one must know about the restoration of works of art…

Different levels of intervention

The restoration of works of art must obey numerous rules which guarantee its quality, such as reversibility of the interventions carried out, their neutrality and their compatibility with the nature of the treated work.
There are several types of restoration, going from the ” Minimalist” which strictly prevents the spreading of the existing damage, to the “Illusionist” which adds a specific attention to the aestheticism of the work in order to give it back its integrity and its “assumed normal” aspect.
These options are discussed with the owner of the work in order to determine at best his expectations and the possibilities that are offered to the restorer.

A Team Work

A restored work of art remains fragile, that is why it is important for the owner to ensure good conditions for its storage, its exhibition and its handling .

Precautionary preservation aims at ensuring the protection of a collection through time . It acts mainly on the stocking conditions of the work: optimization of the environment, storage in adapted boxes, or in designed display cabinets or frames.
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