L’Utile Zéphyr

L'Utile Zéphyr

How it all began ?

Career and Training of Yolaine Voltz, L’Utile Zéphyr workshop’s restorer

Having always been keen on Arts and Sciences, Yolaine Voltz very soon turned to the restoration and the preservation of the national heritage, which enabled her to combine both fields.
Holder of a 2 year European Master’s Degree in restoration and preservation of graphic arts, she attended training courses at :
– The National French Library
– The Louvre Museum
– The Palace Galliera, Paris Fashion Museum
– The Paris Fan Museum;
She now works with museums, antique dealers, collectors who own these works throughout the world.

Activities of The Utile Zéphyr workshop

The workshop receives all sorts of fans, globes and orreries in orderto give them all the care required for their good keeping and their use.

The recommended treatments respect the deontology of the National Heritage Restoration Trade, such as stability, harmlessness and reversibility.

In 2019,the Utile Zéphyr Workshop won the first prize as an arts and crafts business from the Territoire Paris-est Marne et bois, thus rewarding ten years of work in this dual field.
At the same time as her workshop activity, Yolaine Voltz shares her passion for fans giving lectures , writing articles and taking part in specialized TV and radio programmes in order to introduce the public at large to these works.