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Her primary mission is to preserve and ensure the durability of the works of art entrusted to her. But behind each restoration project, there are also clients, women and men with whom Yolaine establishes a real dialogue, an opportunity to share their common passions: globes and fans, and to exchange on the History as well as on all the more intimate stories linked to each object. Her clients attest her professional and human qualities.

«The illusionist restoration: its excellence»

«As a little girl, the apparent simplicity of folding and unfolding them fascinated me to such a point that I have been collecting them for decades now. I appreciate the way Yolaine Voltz becomes fond of the objects she restores, the intelligence and mastery with which she practises her craft. Yolaine excels in the art of chromatic retouching.
Among all those she restored for me, I remember a fan from the beginning of the 18th century, remarkable for the peach scenes painted on its leaves, unfortunately worn at the folds. Her illusionist restoration has removed the missing parts and white lines, making this fan perfectly legible, while preserving the patina of the centuries. A very important detail: her interventions are completely reversible.
A guarantee if, one day, other restorers were to take care of it.»

Maryse Volet,
Collector and fan specialist, author of several books.

«In complete confidence»

«Reactivity, technicity, sincerity: these three words define Yolaine Voltz well. As an independent expert working in public sales, I sometimes advise my clients to have preparatory work done in her workshop. Auctions involve a lot of handling, which can damage the fans. Reinforcing leaves or strands minimises the risks and also offers them more chances. Yolaine knows how to manage these emergencies.
The movement of the fans makes their restoration particularly complex. Because she has a perfect knowledge of them, I entrust her with these accessories… in full confidence! Her proposals for intervention are always accurate and our approaches complementary»

Georgina Letourmy-Bordier,
Doctor in art history, expert for the court of Versailles, scientific curator of exhibitions.

«A restored globe regains its full value.»

«Frequent and constructive, my exchanges with Yolaine are precious because we are often alone with our objects. I put at her disposal more than 30 years of documentary database from which she can draw to compare globes, learn about a signature, about the cartographic advances of a period, etc.
Her approach and technique are impeccably ethical, she is a professional who masters the knowledge and the meaning of the objects.
Globes are works of art whose prices remain high. Whatever the fashions may be, they remain popular with institutions and private individuals.
Her excellent restorations give back their maximum value to the globes entrusted to her… This is far from being negligible!»

Jacques Le Breton,
Expert and collector, specialist in the restoration of scientific objects.


Yolaine Voltz does not only practice her craft in the workshop, she also remains alert to the evolution of her profession and expands and shares her passion for Fans. She gives conferences in institutions such as the Collection Centre of the National Museum in Affoltern am Albis, Switzerland, the MusĂ©e de l’Éventail in Paris, the Fondation de Coubertin, etc.) as well as in schools of applied arts (the École DuperrĂ©, the École de CondĂ©, etc.). She also writes articles and participates in specialized programmes.

Some examples…

  1. European Fans in the 17th and 18th Centuries: Images, Accessories, and Instruments of Gesture– 2019, Ă©d. Miriam Volmert, Miriam Volmert.
    Contribution Yolaine Voltz : « Principes généraux et particularités de la restauration d’éventails ».
  2. Magazine Le monde des artisans n°132, interview de Yolaine Voltz, lauréate 2019 du Prix de l’entreprise artisanale, catégorie Artisanat d’art, territoire Paris Est Marne et Bois.
  3. Magazine VMF Patrimoine n°292, juillet 2020. « Métiers d’art : Yolaine Voltz, restauratrice d’éventails et de globes ».
  4. Les dentelles Normandes en Ă©ventail, Claudette et Michel Bouvat, Chantal Hervieux.
    Contribution Yolaine Voltz : « Restauration d’éventails anciens et conseils pratiques de conservation d’une collection privée ».


sur la restauration de Globe pour l’Ă©mission Jour de Brocante sur France 3 TV

They collaborate

The fan is a fashion accessory that is present almost everywhere on the planet and is becoming increasingly popular thanks to the work of motivated associations and organisations. Active in the scientific and administrative committee of the Cercle de l’Ă©ventail, Yolaine is also a member of English and American associations dedicated to these objects. All of them collaborate in order to discover these works and to extend their knowledge. By organising study days, visits and conferences, they help to revive the creation of this timelessly charming accessory.

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